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How to add attachments to emails with Dolphin GuideConnect, new method, tutorial

How to add attachments to emails with GuideConnect.

Dolphin recently updated the method by which attachments are added to email. This new method is significantly easier than the much longer and more complicated old method. To add attachments to emails using the new method, do the following.

Note: If you are using a Dolphin remote to control GuideConnect, replace all instances of F2 key with Actions Button, all instances of Enter Key with Ok Button and all instances of Escape Key with Back Button.

Step 1: Find the file or files you wish to attach to the email.

Hot Tip: To have access to all file types so you can find Rich Text documents, Word documents, PDF documents, jpeg image files and even mp3 music or audiobook files, use the File Explorer option in the GuideConnect Tools menu.

Step 2: When you find the file you wish to attach to an email, move onto it so it is highlighted then press the F2 key to open the actions menu.

Step 3: Use the down arrow key to find the, “send as email attachment” option and press Enter on it. GuideConnect will then take you through the usual steps for creating an email.

Step 4: Once the email is created, press the F2 key to open the actions menu and press Enter on the, “Send” option and your email along with the attachment will be sent.

Hot Tip: If you wish to attach multiple files, use the Space Bar method to select the files you wish to attach before you press the F2 key and choose the, “send as email attachment” option.

End of tutorial.