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“I have known James for a number of years. In this time he has coached me in a number of things. Firstly encouraging me to progress from a laptop to an iPod, and recently to an iPhone. His confidence in me has in turn given me confidence to try these things. He is extremely patient and very knowledgeable in his teaching. As I have only been able to speak to him on the phone, I am looking forward to us coming out of lockdown so that I may continue my instruction on my iPhone. May it be very soon.”

Christine Pearce.
Private Apple VoiceOver training client, March 2021.

“I recently had to change my Guide 9 Programme for GuideConnect. I was lucky enough to be allocated James as my Trainer. I cannot explain what a change he made to my life. I was able to book some extra lessons where he went through all the aspects of the programme and the lessons were always on time. He has a pleasant speaking voice. He is so patient; picking up on my difficulties, age and infirmity. He followed my first lesson with copies of Tutorials for each subject like using the Web with ease and shortcuts to get to what I require. This has opened up a new vista. James has recently guided me through the new Video calling function and I am now able to see my great grandsons in Borneo. Any problems were always explained in a clear and kind fashion, never making me feel stupid. If you can have James as a trainer I highly recommend him.”

Jennifer Smith.
Private Dolphin GuideConnect training client, February 2021.

“James provided an inspirational environment in which to learn, allowing me to set the pace of training with no pressure to move forward until I grasped each aspect of Dolphin GuideConnect. His in-depth understanding of the software was key to allowing me to understand all aspects of Email Management, Web searching, file management, voice dictation and the most helpful, shortcut keys. Having been a Guide user for some years, it had vastly changed and I was not aware that GuideConnect had so many improvements. With James’s patience and knowledge, I am now a competent user; thank you James.”

Sally Lockwood.
Private Dolphin GuideConnect training client, September 2020.

“I began receiving training from James around three months ago after purchasing a GuideConnect computer package from Dolphin Computer Access. The Training was excellent and of a very high standard. James was very patient – allowing me to work at a pace which I felt comfortable with – I never felt rushed or left with the feeling that I’d never get to grips with the package. GuideConnect is excellent, it is flexible and very user friendly. James, thanks for all your help, for providing comprehensive and very affordable training!”

Binnie Taylor.
Private Dolphin GuideConnect training client, September 2019.

“I have been using Windows for many years with a text to speech program. It was time to buy a new computer and because the speech program I had been using was being discontinued, it was time to find a new way of accessing text on the computer. I had been using VoiceOver on my iPhone and so decided that I would buy an Apple computer. James Goldsworthy not only helped me to decide which computer would suit me best but he set it up, highlighted important keys with tactile dots and sent the computer to me already primed and ready to go. I purchased a number of hours of tuition along with the computer and James provided me with many invaluable sets of instructions about how to read and edit text, how to use the file systems. In fact everything I need to know to get started with my new computer. Of course learning to use the new system is something like trying to learn a whole new language, while at the same time, trying to forget your old one. James provided not only a great computer, but also a tutorial service which is highly skilled, patient and professional. He is so knowledgable and has a kind, polite and above all patient teaching style. I never felt anything but encouragement and support from him. On the few occasions when I really had a computer problem which I could not solve by myself, James was available and reassuring, always solving dilemmas for me and never being anything but pleasant and helpful. I have been totally blind for 50 years and have had many computer teachers over the years. The service James provides is second to none. I have found the service offered by Alternate Visions extremely pleasing. It was a big step for me at my age (64), to make a complete change but with James’ help I am feeling increasingly confident about using my new system. James remains an amazing resource and I fully intend to take more tutorials as I expand my understanding. And, I am reassured that James is always there to help me if I really need it. Thank you James for all your help and for your faith in me.”

Meredith Plumb.
Private Apple VoiceOver training client, January 2019.

“Sincere thanks for the iPhone set up and tuition given. My first iPhone was set up with the help of friends and family and although I appreciated the help given, they did not get the visual impairment aspect. 2018, time to update my phone and a new approach needed. I was lucky to meet you at a low vision event in Autumn 2017 and thought I would give AVC a try. I am so pleased that I did. Thanks to your tuition, along with your understanding and patience, I will get so much more out of this phone. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.”

Mary Pitman.
Private Apple VoiceOver training client, December 2018.

“As an older RP sufferer with severe sight loss I have found the essential task of learning IT skills both difficult and frustrating, so it was with some anxiety that I decided to start again and try Guide. I did not need to worry as with the kind, easy to follow and best of all individual lessons with James Goldsworthy, I was soon on my way. The tutorials are good value, reassuring and I look forward to them. I recommend them most highly”.

Joanna Shute.
Private Dolphin Guide training client, June 2018.

“Having lost the majority of my sight 14 years ago I had also lost touch with the world of the Internet. When I purchased my first iPhone last year, due to James’s amazing help the technological world has now become open to me again. James helped me to set up my iPhone and also to install key apps like Seeing AI and Audible. He has also taught me various aspects of texting, emailing and surfing the net as well as how to use the Audible and Seeing AI apps. James is a highly skilled and competent trainer whose teaching style is structured, encouraging and supportive. He always instinctively knows when I’m ready for my next challenge and is always trying to find new ways of helping me to feel/become more empowered. I would highly recommend James to anyone”.

Nadia Turnbull.
Private Apple VoiceOver training client, May 2018.

“I am a pupil of James. I find him to be a very caring tutor with the patience of a Saint. His training skills are excellent and tailored to your needs. He is always on time for lessons, never leaving ’til any problem is solved. He is friendly with a sense of humour and is understanding of your needs”.

Joyce Ling.
Private Dolphin Guide training client, April 2018.

“I had been looking for James Goldsworthy (or someone like him) for quite a while, asking people from organisations, charities etc. where I could get IT home tutoring but I didn’t get anywhere. However, I’m happy now! I was offered an hours tuition by phone with him when I bought Dolphin Guide. The company recommended him highly and I knew I was going to need help with the program. Months later, I am still doing lessons fairly regularly, as there are a whole lot more things I want to explore. James has a really wide knowledge of his subject but also he is a great communicator. He will lead you step by step through a task in a relaxed sort of way, giving you time to understand it. He always has an email to back up your efforts, and these are extremely useful. I can now do so many things quite easily that were becoming impossible on Windows and I look forward to doing a whole lot more. Thank you James, you have helped me so much.”

Elizabeth Saint.
Private Dolphin Guide training client, April 2018.

“Being a blind person, I struggled along for many years learning to use a computer with a screen reader. Then at a local exhibition demonstrating accessible tech products, I talked to the rep. from Dolphin Computers about their Guide program. I bought the program and at the same time was told about James Goldsworthy and Alternate Visions Coaching. I subsequently arranged a series of lessons with James and have never looked back. He is a very patient tutor and being a blind person himself thoroughly appreciates the requirements and concerns the client may have. James is a qualified teacher of Dolphin Guide and has an extensive knowledge of all the Apple products which I took advantage of. Overall it has been a most productive and enjoyable experience and I will be returning for more.”

Mike Hearn.
Private Dolphin Guide & Apple VoiceOver training client, April 2018.

“Went to James upon a recommendation from BucksVision as my son Ben was no longer able to keep in contact with friends and family through his mobile phone. The RNIB didn’t offer a suitable solution as they only offer a mobile phone with specialist software, whereas James is completely hands on in offering and setting up an iPhone plus offering training in it’s use. In doing this the change to Ben’s life through being able to use his mobile to text, use Facebook etc has given him a new lease of life and has improved his confidence. I would recommend James to anybody thinking about going down the route of an iPhone or iPad.”

Chris Field.
Private Apple VoiceOver training client, November 2017.

“I am registered blind and went to a technology event organised by my local sight loss charity BucksVision at High Wycombe. I met James there and after explaining the problems I had experienced using my old android phone, he kindly demonstrated the iPhone and how accessible it was. I decided that was the way forward and James arranged a complete package for me including a phone, bluetooth keyboard, TV connectors, phone set-up and one to one coaching. I learnt more in two weeks than I ever did in two years. I can highly recommend James and Alternate Visions Coaching and can honestly say it was the best move I ever made.”

Jackie Sprules.
Private Apple VoiceOver training client, November 2017.

“We have no hesitation in recommending James Goldsworthy and Alternate Visions Coaching. We have worked with James for a number of years and can confirm that his knowledge and skills are excellent. We regularly refer clients to him for assistive technology support and we have received consistently positive feedback from them after their training. We were delighted to involve James in a recent employment project, aimed at supporting people with sight loss into employment, notably to gain confidence and improve their interview skills.  James has supported several of our clients and we have been delighted with the progress they have made. James is an excellent coach and comes highly recommended by us.”

Steve Naylor, Chief Executive Officer.
BucksVision sight loss charity, June 2017.

“I changed from a Windows laptop to an Apple laptop and needed lessons. My daughter helped me to find a coach who lived close to us and informed me he was a blind teacher. I was both curious and a little concerned as to how he could teach me, a seeing person. However, from my first meeting with James at our home, I was put at ease immediately. In no time, I forgot that James was blind, as he effectively and competently began teaching me the way around a Mac. He was patient, courteous and incredibly knowledgeable. I greatly enjoyed the lessons I had with him and looked forward to what I would learn in the next phase. I can confidently recommend James to anyone who needs lessons on a Mac, whether sighted or not. He is an excellent teacher and a delightful, helpful person”.

Riette Fuller.
Private Apple training client, January 2017.

“I’ve been using an Apple iPhone for around 4 years. In December 2015 I received an Apple iMac computer. I hadn’t a clue how to set it up, so I got in touch with James Goldsworthy at AVC and he arranged to come out and assist me by setting it up. The set up was great to listen in on as it gave me an understanding of how VoiceOver works on the Mac. I only previously knew how to use Dolphin Guide on a Windows computer which James had trained me on for my voluntary work a few years ago. Because my Guide training had been so successful with James I wanted him to train me on VoiceOver on my Mac. I enjoy doing my training with James, the sessions are very relaxing and he has a very good knowledge of screen reading software. Because of receiving training from James I can now use my Mac to send and receive emails, surf the internet, create documents and listen to music. I strongly recommend AVC to anybody who wants training on VoiceOver on the Mac or Dolphin Guide on Windows computers”.

Kirsty Wood.
Private Apple VoiceOver training client, August 2016.

“Without the help of James I would still be sat looking at a wonderful shiny machine. He has given me the tools and support I need to make the most use I can of my MacBook Pro. He understood my goals and with infinite patience has helped me to achieve them”.

Sue Hunt.
Private Apple VoiceOver training client, August 2016.

“Following a previous bad experience with a trainer recommended by another organisation, I was first put in touch with James Goldsworthy of AVC by Dolphin as I felt my daughter Alice would benefit from training on SuperNova. Alice is aged 21 and is totally blind and also has speech problems (she uses a Lightwriter) but has good comprehension and basic computer skills. My initial telephone conversation with James soon elicited that Dolphin Guide rather than SuperNova would be a better fit for her problems and needs. James offered to liaise with Dolphin and a day or so later their Sales Manager called me to confirm the changeover at no cost and to provide an unlock code for Guide. We then arranged a day’s training and I asked if he would mind if I sat in on the session in view of Alice’s speech problem. He was happy with this arrangement and said he would have suggested it if I hadn’t.
The training was well paced with regular breaks and JG clearly has a good understanding of Guide and was able to deal with our queries and to provide clear and comprehensive guidance notes (both written and spoken).
Alice is now happily surfing the net, reading her news stream and emailing, writing and filing documents with the minimum assistance from me; what 21 year old would want assistance from their aged parent! If any prospective AVC customer would like to discuss this with me then please ask JG for my contact details”.

Roger J Tutton and Alice M Tutton.
Private Dolphin Guide training clients, April 2016.

“I start by complementing the Dolphin Guide team on the production of a first class software product, enabling visually impaired people to browse the Internet and to use many other computer facilities. I bought the Guide product in November 2015. My initial thoughts were to “go it alone” instead of arranging formal training.  But then I was advised  by the Guide team to contact James Goldsworthy for an initial one hour training session. From the outset I was very impressed with James’s knowledge of the Guide product but more importantly his friendly and professional style, which resulted in me booking further lessons.  Within a few weeks I had gained a sound knowledge of all the features of Guide and this is without me going through many hours of frustration. In summary;  I am very impressed with the Guide product and the professional training James provides via the telephone and highly recommend James’s training to other new Guide users”.

Brian Stone.
Private Dolphin Guide training client, February 2016.

“James is a friendly and very knowledgable tutor. Eighteen months ago I had absolutely no technology experience, then James started to train me on Dolphin Guide. It has given me the confidence that I needed, not to be frightened of trying something new. Six months ago I was bought an iPod, which I am now being trained to use, mainly because I wanted to listen to audio books with it. His patience is endless, not only is he a great tutor, but he is a great guy”.
Christine Pearce.
Private Dolphin Guide & Apple VoiceOver training client, October 2015.
“Thank you for your guidance and support over the last year. The invaluable coaching combined with your patience made it a much easier experience.  You were always there to answer my questions and have increased my knowledge of Dolphin Guide.  I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone thinking of using your services. Many thanks once again”.

Lynda Cantor MBE.
Private Dolphin Guide training client, Sept 2015.
Founder of RP Fighting Blindness Charity.

“I have previously received training in the use of screen reading technology via Access To Work, but for a number of reasons, had made little progress. As a recent retiree and emigrant to France, I have both the time, and the need to improve my internet skills and access to on-line services.  The combination of Dolphin Guide screen-reading software, but more particularly of James’ teaching style and approach has allowed me to make seismic progress after just 5 sessions. James, you have helped me progress from anxiety and frustration, with the feelings of isolation that brings, to using the web sites I need to keep connected with UK services, and I have begun to start googling stuff; a real boost to my self confidence and independence! Thank you for demonstrating the flexibility and professionalism to use Skype to deliver the training sessions, and backing up each lesson with attached e-mail notes and instructions on CD for future reference. Good luck in developing your training consultancy, you have an excellent product and teaching approach, and deserve to do well”.

Hilary Page.
Private Dolphin Guide training client, June 2015.

“Alternate Visions Coaching have worked closely with us over the past 6 months in the creation of our new website. Their clear and professional communication and efficient turnaround times has meant that our project has been delivered on time and without delay. The company has now become a highly regarded partner to BOBcat and we have been delighted with the relationship on all fronts. I would not hesitate in recommending their services”.

Louise Owen, BOBcat Digital Ltd.
December 2014.

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