Visual impairment awareness workshops

AVC’s James Goldsworthy has lived with sight loss since 2004. He is a business owner, author, Bass player in a rock band and winner of five British National Championship medals for blind acoustic shooting.

Book James for your visual impairment awareness training needs and benefit from his down to earth, straight talking, practical and at times, humorous workshop.

Speaking from first hand experience, James outlines the importance of simple but effective techniques to work around the barriers that face visually impaired individuals on a daily basis. His workshops are practical as well as interactive. They include sighted guide training, description technique training, communicating with people with sight loss skills as well as general advice for the family members, carers and sighted assistants who help or work with the visually impaired.

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Enablement coach specialising in sight loss, assistive technology training on Apple VoiceOver, Dolphin Guide & SuperNova, coaching for living with sight loss, back to work skills & confidence building

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