How to import music from a CD to your Dolphin GuideConnect music library, tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to import entire albums or individual tracks from CDs and add them to your GuideConnect music library. To import music from CDs, do the following.

Step 1: Insert the CD you wish to import into your disc drive. Note that if there is not a disc drive built into your computer or your device is a tablet or Dolphin TV Pod, you can plug in an external disc drive for this purpose.

Step 2: When on the GuideConnect main menu, navigate to the Entertainment option and press Enter to open it.

Step 3: Navigate to the Music and CD player option and press Enter to open it. Two options will be displayed. The first option is My Music and the second option is Play from a CD or Device.

Step 4: Navigate to the Play from a CD or Device option and press Enter to open it. A list of devices attached to your computer will be displayed. For example, D one of two, audio CD or E two of two 4.8 gigabytes available external drive.

Step 5: Open the audio CD option by pressing Enter on it. The name of the album on the CD along with the number of tracks it contains will be displayed.

Step 6: Press the F2 key to open the actions menu and press Enter on the Import to my music option. GuideConnect will ask you what you’d like to import and will give you two options.

Step 7: The first option is to import the selected track only. The second option is to import the complete album. Press Enter on the option you want and GuideConnect will start importing. Note that depending on how many tracks you’ve selected or how long the album you are importing is, this can take a few seconds or several minutes. Once importing is complete, GuideConnect will tell you and will say, Okay. Simply press Enter to confirm and clear the announcement and you will be returned to the track list of the CD. You are then free to use the Escape key to go back to the Music and CD player menu and eject the CD to import another if you wish.

HOT TIP: If you wish to select multiple individual tracks from a CD rather than importing the entire album, you can select individual tracks by pressing the Space Bar on them in the same way as you would when selecting multiple emails to delete.

This document was written by James Goldsworthy of Alternate Visions Coaching. James is an accredited Dolphin GuideConnect trainer and Certified Software Specialist. He lost his sight in 2005 and has worked with the visually impaired since 2006. He started his training and coaching business Alternate Visions Coaching in January 2014.

Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

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