Useful key commands for Dolphin GuideConnect, tutorial

This tutorial gives you a list of useful key commands to use with Dolphin GuideConnect. The relevant key command is given first and is followed by a brief description of what it does.

Speech and Magnification.

Control key: Pauses GuideConnect speech.

Control key and main keyboard zero key: Toggles GuideConnect’s voice on and off.

Control key and F11 key: switches to next preferred voice.

F9 key: Decreases the speed of GuideConnect’s voice by 1 level.

F10 key: Increases the speed of GuideConnect’s voice by 1 level.

F11 key: Decreases magnification by 1 level.

F12 key: Increases magnification by 1 level.

Note that, the magnification level of each screen can be adjusted separately using the F11 and F12 keys.

Other Function Keys.

F1 key: Opens the help page for the area of GuideConnect that you are using.

F2 key: Opens the actions menu for the area of GuideConnect that you are using.

F3 key: Opens the Help and Information menu. In this menu you can find the time and date along with a calendar preview of the current day, battery percentage (if you are using a laptop or tablet), internet connection, notification centre and the ability to switch between your preferred voices.

F4 key: Repeats the speech of the item that GuideConnect is focused on.

F5 key: Starts GuideConnect reading from the current position when in letters, documents, emails and on web pages.

Control and F5 key: Starts GuideConnect reading from the current position in proof read mode when in letters and documents. Reading in proof read mode will announce punctuation.

F6 key: Starts voice dictation. Note that, if you are using a desktop computer or tv pod, you will need an external microphone or microphone headset to be able to use voice dictation with this shortcut key.

F7 key: Decreases the computer volume by 10 percent.

F8 key: Increases the computer volume by 10 percent.

General key commands.

Control key, Shift key and letter C key: Turns on GuideConnect from the Windows desktop. This is particularly useful if you have turned off GuideConnect to allow a sighted family member or friend to use your computer and you need to turn GuideConnect back on without restarting the computer.

Enter key: Activates/opens an item. For example, if you’re on a link in an email and you press the Enter key, the link will be opened or if you’re on the GuideConnect main menu and are on a menu option, the menu option will be opened.

Up and Down arrow keys: Move you up and down the menu options, files, emails etc. They also move you up or down one line when in emails, documents, letters and on web pages.

Escape key pressed quickly: Takes you back one step.

Escape key held down: Returns you directly to the GuideConnect main menu. Note that, if you are listening to a radio station, podcast or audiobook, you will need to stop it and press Escape once to close the play screen before this shortcut will work.

This document was written by James Goldsworthy of Alternate Visions Coaching. James is an accredited Dolphin GuideConnect trainer and Certified Software Specialist. He lost his sight in 2005 and has worked with the visually impaired since 2006. He started his training and coaching business Alternate Visions Coaching in January 2014.

Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

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