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AVC takes to the air waves

Yesterday morning I was interviewed by BBC Three Counties Radio for an upcoming programme about disability and overcoming adversity. The programme will feature several short interviews with a number of people from all walks of life and with a variety of disabilities. All have faced and overcome the challenges and restrictions that their disabilities bring them on a daily basis and resolutely refuse to let themselves be beaten. They have made significant adjustments to the way they approach their lives and have experienced dramatic and positive changes in the direction their lives have taken as a result.


I am thrilled to be involved in this programme and know that it will help to dispel the myth that disabled people are incapable of achieving ambitious goals. I encourage you to listen if you can and of course share this information with as many people as you can.


The programme is called Shrink Wrapped and runs from 1pm to 2pm on BBC Three Counties Radio this Sunday 14th December. You will also be able to catch it on the listen again service on the station’s website or via the BBC iPlayer if you miss it.


James Goldsworthy.

Founder of Alternate Visions Coaching.

Fear of the dark

It is said that the eyes are the window to your soul

That in a person’s eyes burns the light of life

When my eye dies, will my soul have perished and my life light be extinguished?

The gift of sight is truly that, a gift

To look upon those that you love

To watch your children grow

And see the beauty of the world that surrounds us

I am afraid of the dark

Not of the blackness itself

But of missing all of the things ahead of me

I will never be completely blind, for only my sight will have gone

I will still be here, only with a different perspective to you all

I do not need vision to live

Just a vision of life.

Written by James Goldsworthy.

copyright reserved 2008.