Fear of the dark

It is said that the eyes are the window to your soul

That in a person’s eyes burns the light of life

When my eye dies, will my soul have perished and my life light be extinguished?

The gift of sight is truly that, a gift

To look upon those that you love

To watch your children grow

And see the beauty of the world that surrounds us

I am afraid of the dark

Not of the blackness itself

But of missing all of the things ahead of me

I will never be completely blind, for only my sight will have gone

I will still be here, only with a different perspective to you all

I do not need vision to live

Just a vision of life.

Written by James Goldsworthy.

copyright reserved 2008.

One thought on “Fear of the dark”

  1. I read this, and by the end i was moved to tears. You have a real talent and this is just so tender, beautiful and yet finishes with hope. Thank you sharing it, i am going to treasure it.

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