Super Sense makes an impact at Servant Leadership Conference

On Friday 7th November AVC’s James Goldsworthy attended the #Greenleaf #Servantleadershipconference. Fellow #Supersense creator/developer Andy Shipley also attended and the two of them delivered a Super Sense taster to a group of forty delegates. 


James and Andy split the delegates into equal groups and introduced those groups to what Super Sense is and how learning from it can benefit participants in their day to day lives.


Andy took his group out on the street for a short walk down to a nearby shop for a brief blindfolded shopping experience. James kept his group inside and took them through three different blindfolded sensory exercises.


These different tasters enabled the delegates to tune into the use of their other senses as well as allowing them to stretch their communication skills and increase their awareness of the environment surrounding them whilst taking them far outside their normal comfort zones.


The two groups were then swapped over and got to experience what their fellow attendees had in the other group. The taster session was a great success and although fun was had by all that took part everybody learned something valuable about themselves and how engaging their other senses really can make a difference in the way they communicate with others, their awareness not only of their environment but also of the moods and feelings of those around them.


One delegate said “I never realised just how much you can see without your eyes.”


Another said “I can’t quite believe how much it makes you change the way you communicate with other people. I found I became much more concise and listened much more deeply.”


The event organiser, John Noble said: At our recent conference we had a very modest taste of what Super Sense involves, and that really whetted our appetites for the full programme! James (Goldsworthy) and Andy (Shipley) were working with a diverse group of around forty individuals and, with a mixture of quiet assurance, lightness of touch and considerable humour very quickly got beyond any initial hesitations and put everyone at ease. It was made clear right at the outset that participation was voluntary, yet when explanations were over every single delegate chose to take part.  The whole unique exercise took only an hour and a half, yet, in that short time, it was evident that everyone had experienced something challenging, enjoyable and unquestionably very special.  It was an extraordinary session.

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